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Great Late Summer Bite 7-31-17

We woke up today and found a Tropical Storm over us Just Dumping! Yesterday was rained out as well. So basicly I have plenty time to post up a few pictures as I sit and wait for the tv to go out, again.
Tarpon and Snook have been Good I haven't really been fishing for much else other than Goliaths inshore and my anglers have been getting them up to 70 lbs. Here's a few pics from July.
Tear em Up!!4bc1466b543041b6bcadf42f2cbdb41c.jpg1ef471c66c987d372e154ed0bcc3dc79.jpg6ec49b2250f729405680167861d3f3d0.jpgf06d883b596a1ba09f46b6bd655ecd3a.jpgd2006c319e5e97469c4190ee8a789495.jpgde5fcee260d14f354998e6bc7e1bbd2d.jpgbfe6cfc3a293318464996cd939398d14.jpg

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