Trolling motor foot switch with solenoid

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Old big foot switch died for 24v trolling-motor. Putting a new one in with a continuous duty starter solenoid to take the load off the switch and by pass it. 50 amps through that foot switch is a lot....see diagram.

My problem is it worked fine the first time I hooked it up. Then I tightened everything up and now when I apply the 24 volt power source the solenoid just clicks rapidly and doesn't stope until I remove power to it. But when I press the foot switch it allows power to the trolling motor as intended. When I depress the switch the clicking keeps going ???

Did the solenoid go bad?
Is there a better device to handle bypassing the foot switch?

Thanks fellas.



  • DanOmiteDanOmite Posts: 119 Deckhand
  • rehartlinerehartline Posts: 777 Officer
    "When I depress the switch the clicking keeps going ???" What do you mean by this statement? Does it still click if you disconnect the lead going to the trolling motor?
  • DanOmiteDanOmite Posts: 119 Deckhand
    sorry. What I meant was when I take my foot off the switch the solenoid clicks at a very rapid high speed rate.

    Yes it still clicks rapidly when I remove the lead to the motor. The only way I can't get it to stop is to remove the lead to the solenoid from the battery.

    Does that help?
  • FS DanFS Dan Posts: 2,351 Moderator
    bad solenoid, voltage is leaking from the high voltage input to the low voltage side triggering the electric magnetic field that moves the actuator to activate the high voltage side of the solenoid. the movement fixes the short, causing the field to collapse and the spring to return the actuator to the position which allows for the short. Your clicking noise is the resultant circle of events.
    I'd say check the wiring connectors for loose strands but the cyclic clicking sounds internal to the solenoid.

    Formerly Catmandew
  • DanOmiteDanOmite Posts: 119 Deckhand
    Thanks FSD! I suspected what you are telling me. Just needed confirmation from someone who knows a lot more about this stuff. I am amateur but try to do things the right way. Got another on order already.
  • DanOmiteDanOmite Posts: 119 Deckhand
    Hey FSD,
    Can I use a 12v solenoid for this application for my 24v trolling motor. I know that's a stupid question but I don't want to use a 24v power source to energize the solenoid. I just want pass 24v through the solenoid when activated.

    Is there a better device to use for my application like a 4 post relay or something else?

  • rehartlinerehartline Posts: 777 Officer
    You need to check the solenoid rating. As long as the coil is 12 volt and the switch voltage is 24 or higher and the current meets your needs your good. Do you have the model #?

    You might be able to check the one you have now if you hav a meter. But it on the ohms scale and go from the line power terminal to the coil terminal, it should be an open circuit.
  • DanOmiteDanOmite Posts: 119 Deckhand
    Solenoid URL:

    My motor is 24v and pulls about 50amps. I want to use 12v source to activate the solenoid. Will this work?
  • rehartlinerehartline Posts: 777 Officer
    That one should be fine.
  • DanOmiteDanOmite Posts: 119 Deckhand
    thanks for your help
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