Dolphin Superskiff repower

CurrentseaCurrentsea Posts: 8 Greenhorn
Hey guys,
Trying to get some input on a choice I need to make. I am re powering my Dolphin Superskiff. It’s from the late 80’s so it’s a fiberglass hull no composites.

The deadrise is 18 degrees, hull weight is approximately 650#, center console, bow trolling motor, grp. 27 battery in the console and a small agm to crank the engine. Besides the extra battery I am a minimalist with my gear.
I currently run a 60 hp mercury 2 stroke. I get a top speed of 34 mph by myself with the 2 stroke.

I am looking to replace it with a Yamaha or Mercury 4 stroke.

Of course I want to save a $ and still researching which brand I’ll eventually choose.

In the meantime however, I was wondering if a 40 hp 4 stroke will get the job done. I exclusively fish myself and another angler. On a rare occasion I’ll have another angler on board as well.

I will not go above 60 hp. Ive tried calling Dolphin in Princeton, but no answer and I’m not in Miami and rarely get down there anymore.

Speed isn’t necessarily my concern, fuel economy and reliability are.

Thanks very much for any input you can add.


  • GotseaGotsea Posts: 142 Deckhand
    Not familiar with your rig, but be mindful of the extra wright of a 4 stroke
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