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Sailcat Babies

24 July 2017...Wabasso to Grand Harbor. Tried the spoil islands to the North. Found the Sailcat nursery had a pair of them that were in the 10 inch range. Found a few Trout, 3 slots and more shorts. Eased the pressure for CCA entry. Tried the ICW side of preachers looking for Reds, found a whole lot of nothing. Quick stop on a cut going South, family of Otters working, kills the catching. Run all the way to Grand Harbor get in and out before full tide. Had an inch or so to spare when I came back out. Only player was a small Tarpon. Was acting like a Snapper, bumping the Baby Vudu Shrimp, but not eating, last roll was right at the boat. Back out to the opening by the South bridge, watching a Mangrove that was definitely being chewed on. Shaking like crazy, no wind, waves or current. Work around to a position where I can see the Sheepshead hard at work. First cast, a bust. Next cast, thought that it had spooked. Line watching habit from Bass fishing days, tiny twitch in the line, lift up, hookset. A little 16 inch Sheepshead, CCA entry. Options, go for numbers, for Conservation Division or hunt for Snook, try for both. Loggerheads channel, Snapper thick, caught 2 at the same time on a MirrODine. Had to leave, wind kicked up and I couldn’t hold position. On to the Estuary and the Tween area. Over slot Snook rolled up, but did not connect. Found the Three Stooges of the fish world. Working a pocket with the Baby Vudu Shrimp, kept getting light taps, no hook up, watched three small Tarpon slashing. Drop down and they went at it again. Never hit, just kept bumping. Hit a short Snook, a Drum and a pair of Sheepshead in the ditch. Spent a lot of time trying to hit a Sheepshead on the fly, lookers, but no takers. My Gar was, out again, but did not want to play, looks like a small torpedo cutting through the Mangroves.
All players released for another day.


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