One Fine Weekend

I haven't posted in a while, but I am still fishing.

This past weekend was pretty great if you could dodge the rain.

Cobia -
We were coming in from another tarpon trip running through a zone where we have had decent success with cobia in the past, so I got up in the tower to look for them.

Pulled up to a piece of structure and low and behold there was a beast of a fish on it, being followed by a 40lber. After throwing a few casts its way, it was pretty evident that it was not going to eat. So, we made the decision to run in several miles and grab the speargun, fins and mask so that we could blast back out and hope that it was still in the same spot. We did just that, after hyperventilating on the way back to the fish because of the anticipation of shooting something this big, I slid into the water as the boat stood close by. Ben and Tommy did the spotting and Ben yelled out that he saw them again and to swim this way. I took a deep breath and dove down to bottom, swimming towards where Ben was pointing. I saw both fish and had to make sure not to hit the 40lb fish that was between me and the big one. I pulled the trigger and chaos commenced. The fish swam around the structure 2 times tangling the line streaming off my gun in a hurry. It was a mad dash to untangle the line so that the shaft wouldn't rip out or the line part. Finally the fish made its way to deep water and we got the gun, and me, in the boat. We quickly attached the anchor ball to the gun in case the fish took all the line off the reel, thankfully that never came into play. We fought the fish for another 20mins with the line before being able to get a gaff shot on the fish. Celebration commence when the fish hit the deck. Pics below

We have caught 20 something tarpon in the last couple of weeks, with 5 doubles and 1 triple header which are always a fun time. Shad, plugs and threadfins have been the hot baits lately. I may have a full tarpon report soon but here is a fun picture from over the weekend

We are lucky to live in such a great place, get out there and spend some time on the water.

As a side note, it really seems like the bay is in a healthy state right now. The water is remarkably clear for this time of year and the amount of life in the water is extensive.


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