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Finally nabbed a big dolphin.

Missed my 6am wake up. Finally left the dock around 9am. had a couple small Mahis and an Almaco by 10am in 250ft.Made it out to about 400, set the lines. I see a big mahi cruise by the boat heading towards our bait . Bam - rod goes off. we quickly bring him to the boat 25". There is another with him, we pitch to him. bam - 27". Before we take any in the boat we do a quick search for any stragglers. then the monster comes within 2ft of the boat checking out the schoolies. Pitch half a ballyhoo and we are hooked up. we get the small ones in and that's when the big guy almost spooled us. we chased him down and put him in the boat. after that we head in and are at the dock by noon.
Mahi measured 48" and 40lbs.


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