7/22 Islamorada Fishing Report

Headed out towards the 409 hump with Tuna and Dolphin in mind. No luck finding bait int he morning so went out with an empty livewell :cry. About 5 miles north of the Hump came across a few big patches of weed and debris. Put out two skirts and trolled for about 5 minutes before hooking 1 up. Reeled him in and was a keeper but alone. Threw him in the box and kept trolling with two lines around all the debris. Hooked up but this time a double - 1 keeper and 1 throwback. The school followed these fish and we were surrounded with about 25-30 fish. But they were not interested in my squid, ballyhoo, or cut bonito. They chased a topwatter chugger but wouldn't commit. Had a charter boat troll by me and hooked some of the fish up. He started pitching live bait and I was out of luck haha.

Trolled the are a bit more and found another school. I saw them jumping out of the water chasing the spread but only 1 hit the line. Another decent sized fish. The charter had radioed the weed line and it was soon loaded with other boats and the fish disbursed.

Kept going to the 409 and trolled small lures around there for a while. Caught 5 BFT with one decent sized one. Headed 5-8 miles southeast of the 409 hump and found an area that looked fishy. Lots of scattered weeds and flyers, but no birds or big debris. I decided to put a line in while I looked around with the binoculars. As I was looking at the horizon, I heard the drag start peeling and we had a dolphin on. Ended up being the biggest of the day. Saw another free jumping nearby but he wasn't interested in anything I pitched.

A few minutes later I look at my fuel gauge and it saws I have 2/10 sticks left. I left with a full tank :huh. Headed in because I wasnt sure what was going on. 10 miles offshore the gauge had 1 stick and was flashing empty. Kind of a stressful moment (even tho I have seatow I rather not have to use it), but made it all the way in. Ended up having over 100 gallons in the tank despite the gauge reading. Super annoying, but at least we had dinner in the box.

Tight lines


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