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S.I. Offshore 7-22 1/2 day.

Started trolling south at 90ft. 5 minutes into the game the shotgun [blue/white islander-bally] goes off:fishing. A bonito is released to play another day. About 15 minutes later shotgun goes off again:fishing. This time it is a small cuda. Turn and start heading east. Troll out to 115ft. and the starboard rigger goes off:fishing. Next up is a big cuda. Troll out to 130ft. with no action we turn and head back west. Back into 90ft. and the shotgun goes off again. Grab the rod and the fish is gone:banghead. Keep trolling 80 /90 ft. looking for a kingfish. About 10 minutes later we get a knockdown on [you guessed it] the shotgun again:fishing. After a very short battle we land a 14lb kingfish. We switch to bottom fishing. A few small sea bass and grunts is all we catch for our efforts. By now it is 12:30 p.m. We pick up and head to the dock to beat the storms. Fun 1/2 day with the wife.
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