Just an average trip

Jack HexterJack Hexter New Port RicheyPosts: 4,644 Moderator
Well this trip was nothing to write home about. Put the boat in the water on Thursday afternoon, ran out the Cotee to sink a couple pinfish traps and then tied the boat to a friends dock in Miller Bayou. Met Chet, Mike and Rick at Chet's dock, loaded the boat and went to pick up the traps. Had plenty of bait so we were off and running to the first stop in 63' of water. This is (was - another boat showed up and anchored about 200 yards down the ledge from me.) a private number, a 2' ledge, that I had not fished in a couple years. It used to produce all kinds of grouper. Marked a ton of fish, and started catching grunts and sea bass, not the expected grouper. I think we did pull one or two short reds up. Finally had enough of this spot and knew of another spot , 22 miles further out that has been producing for a friend. Started to head to that spot but noticed a waypoint on the chart that was just off my course, and it was only 1.6 miles away. Diverted to that spot and marked loads of fish, the proverbial Christmas tree of snapper. Four rods dropped and three resulted in immediate hook ups, all legal red snapper. Decided to anchor and the bite turned slow. A couple hours, both anchored and drifting around the marker resulted in a limit of snapper, but no legal grouper. Sun and heat was unbearable and we pulled the plug and turned on the AC at noon. Back at the dock, boat back on the trailer and fish cleaned by 2:00.


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