Offshore Homosassa/Crystal River- Lots of Red Snapper, Grouper, and Cobia

Finally got to go offshore with Jake and Gary on Chris's BA Crevalle out of Homosassa. Had to go deeper since its so hot this time of year, had glass seas allllll dayyyy so we did 50mph all the way to 65ft where the snapper came to the surface as soon as we got there! I was never more of a believer that the motor will fire up the fish until this trip. Everytime we fired up the motor we caught a snapper! The ARS seemed plentiful in the 65ft but the bite was slow with no current and no wind so the engine trick helped pick up the bigger limit we were looking for. Caught tons of triggerfish at one stop seabass and a bunch of small Red Grouper. Keeper gags were hard to come by so we moved to 30ft and we managed 1 keeper gag and a keeper cobia. All 8 ARS we kept were over 20", gag was 24" and the cobia was 36", mangos were 13" and 16". Bait of choice for snapper were small pinfish, half of a threadfin or a bonita chunk. Probably caught 30 or so healthy ARS my biggest prior was only 17" and boy those 22" snapper put up a heck of a fight. Jake landed all the biggest fish and his inshore calico jack, nothing beats a calico for the money.

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