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Peanut Dolphin Blitz while Yellowtail Fishing

We decided to try to not blow the day after gettin the engine running(see previous thread) and wanted to go do a little bit of afternoon yellowtail fishing.Set up on the reef in about 95' and put out the bag. Within less than 3 seconds, and I kid you not, less than three seconds, we had a file attacking the bag again :banghead . After that we put lots of baits back only to get cut off a couple times and picked clean by the file fish. We were just sitting there when eventually my mom says :whoa look at those" and starts pointin down at the water. More peanut dolphin than you could ever catch swarmed the boat and everything went crazy from there. I have video of them eating bare jig heads, pure insanity and loads of good family fun. They sliced up the water all over the boat and we caught them on everything we had, and the lightest pin-fish tackle possible. There was one decent size fish, but he hung way back and didn't eat. Then, as fast as they came, they left about 10 minutes later. I never thought that they would come in that shallow. You could almost see the bottom. That oughta make for a decent video. Check into youtube after summer, same as the forum name :wink . Overall, no dinner to show for the 2 hour effort, but still loads of fun, and hopefully we'll go find their parents tomorrow.


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