Headed out put 7 line spread out and started
trolling east at the 53 line 1 mahi in the box.
Trolled to the 47 line no birds or weed so make the
turn back in more life inside got in to 600 ft and
a nice weed line with birds hook up to a throw back.
Then 2 rods go off and a double of football blackfin.
Get set back up and not much longer another double
up on blackfin.Then we see a frigate and terns working
but good not get a hit fish were moving fast busting flyers.
Not much on the radio some boats finding only dinks any
fish we heard caught were inside the 55line. All our fish
were caught on RATTLE JETS.


  • remel1993remel1993 Posts: 529 Officer
    Hey, I went out yesterday after having a good day on tuesday. Trolled all the way out to 900ft without seeing much life wither so turned back around. Found a couple birds working 700ft and got a few schoolies in the boat. There was very little weed out yesterday compared to tuesday. Heard on the radio fish were caught 1500ft+
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  • Flight RiskFlight Risk Posts: 2,474 Captain
    Seems like the rattle jets get the attention. Nice going Neal! Thanks again for that PM.

    Pura Vida!
  • T - L U VT - L U V Posts: 187 Officer
    Way to go Neal! Didn't get out but had some friends that did and didn't do much with dolphin. Had one buddy that got a 225# sword!

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  • Mahi MastaMahi Masta Posts: 37 Deckhand
    Visited Boca Raton from NYC last weekend.

    Friday 7/14 Pops and I were able to boat some slingers in about 600ft on a very scattered weed line. It was extremely rough and we were just about the only boat out there.

    Saturday 7/15 Worked a very nice color change/rip in ~500ft on but only had 1 6ft cuda to show for it.

    Cheers and better luck next time!
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