Can anyone give any advice on the G-h reefs? I have been out there three times in the last month and haven't brought up anything worth keeping. Small shark, Lady fish and big pin fish.

What is the best time of year there and what is biting?


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    Haven't fished there in years myself, but January from March the GH is loaded with Sheepies.
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    If you are going to fish a reef of any kind, we use chum to call in the fish. The bigger fish!!. They are the last to show up for the party. In the mean time the smaller fish that show up will be the bait. There will be some keeper reds around shallow. Make sure your circle hooks are sharp and your knots tied right.
    Have Fun
  • IdahojoeIdahojoe Posts: 51 Deckhand
    What can be found out there this time of year? Whats biting? I did chum when I was there and still there wasn't really anything out there biting.
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    Summer can be tough on the near shore reefs. Cobia can be there any time, but most have moved north. Snapper are almost always there but very wary due to pressure. Should be some permit around but that changes daily. Spanish mackerel might be cruising near by depending if there is any bait around. I have had divers tell me they have watched the fish leave the reef when a boat pulls up. Meaning they are out on the sand surrounding the structure. Letting a bait free line past the structure or casting around other directions can be the ticket sometimes. Night time for the snapper will be more productive.
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