Red Hot in YT

It's been a while since I've posted but that's not due to a lack of fishing. I've been getting out about 3 days/week this summer, fishing inshore primarily in the Yankeetown area for reds and trout. May and June were productive months for me, just as they've always been. However, now that July has come and it's officially "late summer" I expected the fishing to taper off. That has not been the case.

This first week of July was some of the best action I've had this summer. The timing of the tides allowed me to sneak in some early morning trips without missing work. I was leaving Gainesville about 3 am to get to the launch about 4 am and still making it to my desk by 9 or 10 am. Although this sounds miserable, I actually love fishing at this time because 1. you beat the crowds 2. you beat the heat of the day and 3. netting bait in the dark with a spotlight is extremely easy. I'd start each morning loading up on finger mullet, pins, mud minnows, and blue crabs (interestingly the fish would seem to prefer a certain bait each day, but blue crabs always seemed to be most reliable). I'd paddle out to various oyster bars to catch the incoming and position my baits in pockets facing west. The incoming would bring steady action from reds, trout, and black drum, although the bicatch (mostly sharks and rays) has been pretty bad this time of year. The bite would really take off about the last hour of the incoming through the first two of the outgoing. One day during this window I landed 3 overslot reds, 2 slot reds, two trout, a cobe, a spanish, and a couple mangroves, all within a mile from where I launch. I usually don't take pics when fishing by myself, but when I doubled up and successfully landed a 32" red and that cobia I had to take a pic for proof. The cobe measured 28" to the fork and, despite the small size, was quite a challenge to land with the treacherous landscape. Interestingly, the sharks and rays would seem to push out once the tide switched, so the action has pretty much just been quality fish at this phase of tide.

Over the weekend I took my girlfriend and daughter out and had yet another great day. My gf landed her PR red at 34" and my daughter brought in 2 slot reds, a 29" overslot, and a big ugly- her biggest fish yet. The black registered 42 lbs on the boga grip, which was funny because my daughter weighs 54 lbs. I tried to explain to her how much of an accomplishment it is to catch a fish that weighs about as much as you, but she was too distracted by how tired her arms were to care. Once the girls got tired of catching fish, I was able to land a few for myself before the tide got too low.

Anyway, it's been some great fishing despite the temps and the recent full moon. The water still feels like bathwater, but all this rain we've been getting must be doing something to keep the bite going strong. Hope it continues like this. I'll be sure to post more often and let y'all know how it is.

Btw, here's some pics for proof.


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