Scalloping in Homosassa and a stolen cressi gara 2000 fin Real American!!!

rocknreel23rocknreel23 Posts: 85 Greenhorn
I went scalloping in Homosassa Monday July 10th, got the boat in the water at Mcraes at 1820 and nearly an hour later at 2000 (sunset hour) went to my boat for a ride and had a (one) CRESSI GARA 2000 FIN stolen. Don't keep gear out... I usually don't, but I did for nearly an hour right after we launched the boat as my wife tied off and I parked my truck. They checked the cameras, waiting to hear back. Maybe ***** session, but if anyone knows anything thank you.


  • paddlerXpaddlerX Posts: 69 Greenhorn
    You think there's a one legged bandit out there swimming in circles?
  • jj1987jj1987 Posts: 41 Greenhorn
    I can't imagine someone would steal a single fin.
  • DOCKSIDEDOCKSIDE Posts: 1,806 Captain
    jj1987 wrote: »
    I can't imagine someone would steal a single fin.
    1 legged man ?
    somewhere south of disorder and on earth... mostly .
    IBEW LU 433
  • rocknreel23rocknreel23 Posts: 85 Greenhorn
    Why wouldnt someone take it to be dck or because they lost one. Just trying to post this. thanks people
  • SaltySardineSaltySardine Posts: 159 Deckhand
    Or maybe your wife is trying to hint at something by taking something which would thus not allow you to do what she doesnt want you to do....never underestimate a female and her ways of achieving goals. They are sneaky sneaky ;-)
  • The Cat's EyeThe Cat's Eye Posts: 1,288 Officer
    i use to have a collection of single fins i found over the years while diving. Never found a mate for any of them. When a fin strap breaks the person often cannot retrieve the loose fin if the current takes it away. Twenty some years ago i knew a doctor that lost his life at 150 ft trying to chase down his fin that was being swept away by the Gulf Stream current. Of course that doesn't happen too often with full shoe type fins like the one stolen above.
  • Westwall01Westwall01 Posts: 5,361 Admiral
    Stealing one fin? LOL
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