Gonna get one..
I like Old School, M 1 Garand style. I have a sweet 6.8 AR Custom made for me. Safe Queen.:angel
Anybody else shoot a 7.63 Round or have a Mini 30 here ?
Think it'll make a fine 100 yard deer and hog round , plus ammo is really cheap if needed.
I'm a Hunter not a Shooter . Maybe 75 rounds a year down range but I 'm a shoot you In the eye kinda Hunter.:grin
Dead on and I'm In the stand.:wink
Killin and Grillin :grin


  • swampwalkerswampwalker Posts: 1,371 Officer
    A buddy bought one 30 years ago for his daughter. We liked shooting it - however he wasn't to excited about it balistically. He thought it rainbowed too much at 100 yds. That's all I remember. Don't believe anyone ever took a critter w it. Another buddy killed some good bucks in Georgia with a Ruger Mini-ranch in .223. That was also a dandy carrying rifle. I don't know enough about the .30 caliber rounds today. They would be better ballistically. Did know some guys when I was a boy that used M-1s in .30 when running deer w hounds. They went through a lot of ammo. Keep us posted on your efforts. I'm interested & good luck.
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  • apstephen61apstephen61 Posts: 10 Greenhorn
    I thought about the Mini and choose another path.

    I went with a Windham Weaponry 762X39 SRC. I scoped it with a Nikon 3X9 BDC, sighted in at 100 yards (Federal 123gr SP). I've killed several deer and hogs with this combo the past couple of years. Some of the places I hunt are so thick that I don't have 100 yard shoots. The 7.62X39 round ballistically is similar to the .30-30 Winchester.

    I like the Windham because other than a couple of items (bolt assy and magazines) it is on the AR platform with many options to customize. Windham makes a very good AR platform. They have 5 round magazines for it to make it legal. I've never had a light primer strike while using "cheap" russian ammo for plinking. Feeding the 762X39 round in the Windham has not been issue.

    These rifle were on sale in May for $499.00 dollars! They have since gone back up.

    Not promoting Buds Gun Shop (have used them with good results) just using them so you can see other reviews.

    Almost forgot....I did install a Timney trigger in mine since I knew I would hunting with it. The Windham comes with a better than average stock AR trigger is a stock AR trigger.
  • buckfeverbuckfever Posts: 119 Deckhand
    AR pattern 308s are down to 500-600 for entry level now. I'd go with one of those before a mini 30.
  • WhitetailWhitetail Posts: 127 Deckhand
    I happened to stop in at a garage sale a few years ago and saw a crate of Czech 7.62 x 39 ammo still in the original wooden crate that no one seemed to know what it was worth. I ended up paying them $ 125 for 1050 rounds of ammo. 1983 manufacture. Still sealed in the tin can inside the wooden crate. Problem was, I didn't have a gun to use it in! I had visions of a Mini 30 ranch gun bringing whole sounders of hogs to room temp. I finally found a good mini 30 and bought it used but in very good shape. Somewhere south of $ 500. Put a nice Nikon 3 x 9 scope on it and took it out to the range at my camp. Ugg..... 10" groups at 50 yards. I put a ton of time and effort in to trying to get it to shoot decent groups. I never got it to shoot better than 10" groups at 100 yards with the Czech ammo. I figured it was old ammo and not very tight tolerances, so decided to go buy a bunch of domestic recent manufactured ammo. I ended up buying a box of just about everything I could find to shoot through it, and only saw marginally better results. Maybe 7-8 inch groups at 100 yards. I went all through the gun, re-mounted the scope and rings, etc. and no improvement. I finally gave up and traded it for a nice Glock in 45. That gun has murdered way more hogs than the rifle ever came close to! Not sure if it was just a bad gun, or bad ammo, or both, but it was not for me.
    Life is too short for inaccurate rifles! It did go bang every time you pulled the trigger though. And LOUD, good grief, my 308's aren't any louder for a lot more knockdown and sub-MOA groups all day, every day. I know the cheap ammo sounds good these days, but IMHO, stick with 7.62 x 51.
  • LittleBertLittleBert Posts: 175 Deckhand
    I have one I bought new several years back. It is definitely pricey for a 7.62 x 39 weapon, but it is what I wanted. I already had an SKS and an AK and I just like the round, not for any reason I can describe but I just like it. Maybe the historic significance plays a part for me. I wanted something way tamer than my 30-06 also. I was well aware of the bad reviews this gun has. I have a Mini-14 and really don't care for the .223 round although I do like the gun.

    I didn't have a real good experience given it is made by Ruger and was not cheap. Right out of the box the gun was dead, would not fire any ammo of the 4 or 5 brands I tried including good USA made brass. I mean it did not fire a single round of anything! Sent it back to the factory for repair and on return it was still stone dead. I thought about it for a while and decided to oil the heck out of it. Took it apart and oiled everything, and shot about 200 rounds since without a FTF on any ammo including cheap steel euro, chinese, and russian junk. I just keep it well oiled. My theory is the parts were just fitted to tightly and needed to wear in.

    I can't comment much on the accuracy. I shoot it at paper targets and cans and hit reasonably well what I aim at, but MOA and such doesn't really interest me much. I figure if I can hit a beer can that is plenty good enough. I did not expect the gun to be as accurate as even a cheap .308. Most reviews say that you can get 3 good shots off before the barrel heats and throws the rest of the shots off. Still mine appears to be plenty accurate enough to shoot at deer or hogs. It's my all around usual brush carry gun, at least when I don't want to get my Marlin 1895 44 mag dirty. I just haven't had the opportunity to shoot anything with it yet. I feel like i can drop this gun in the mud and not worry much.

    In the end I like it quite a bit. I don't care at all about not being able to use common AK mags, a common complaint but meaningless to me. I don't mind spending $40 on a mag for an $800 gun. The 2 or 3 I bought will last my lifetime. I won't say it is the best gun for any specific isn't, but it is a really fun gun to shoot. It's the most expensive gun I ever bought, possibly one of the least accurate, but is my #1 go to fun gun.
  • Turner River TerrorTurner River Terror Posts: 5,545 Admiral
    I have a real nice custom 6.8 AR but I'm kinda Old School and don't really like it all that much.
    I'm a Hunter not a Shooter and figure the Mini 30 would work nice for my 30 to 75 yard shots. I have read a million reviews and it seems the gun is either loved or hated. Many problems seem to arise from shooting steel cased ammo and I will only shoot quality brass.
    Only need 2 boxes a year
    Killin and Grillin :grin
  • cprcpr Posts: 9,292 Admiral
    For older models with thin barrels this is a good accessory.

    or mo rod both are here
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  • swampwalkerswampwalker Posts: 1,371 Officer
    I'm old school as well TT. I like an accurate gun and prefer wood stocks if the truth be known. Some guns are tools, some are safe queens & some family heirlooms. But as has been said, occasionally our fav is not the best or most accurate. However as also said we adjust our range to compensate for a less than stellar tack driver. Most guns shoot better than their owners anyway. Buy what you want and enjoy the heck out of it!
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  • Elle99Elle99 Posts: 9 Greenhorn
    Hi! Mini-30 is a nice gun but I have to admit I wouldn't own one. Mainly because in having shot a few with friends (theirs, not mine) I noticed they don't reliably handle the dirt-cheap steel cased ammo. Apparently you end up with light primer strikes and FTF. Admittedly with brass rounds they've all been quite good. So if you don't care about steel cased ammo then I think you'll be pleased. The ones I handled as well as my own mini-14 (when I had one) weren't especially accurate, maybe 3-4 MOA guns? Then again that's not why I had mine or most people I know that have minis.
    There is something very visually appealing about the lines of that m-14 derived shape on the gun. Enjoy!
  • COBRACOBRA Posts: 248 Deckhand
    My wife shoots the Mini 30 and loves it. Anything within 100 yds is dead meat. It eats Wolf ammo all day no problem. I personally shoot the Windham SRC 7.62 myself.
  • JIMinPBJIMinPB Posts: 1,875 Captain
    It's been a number of years since I fooled with a Mini-30, but I remember it to have been a fun little rifle. It handled well & was capable of hitting golf balls at 100-yards with decent ammo.

    There was one quirk with them. Some of the early ones had a different groove diameter in the barrel. Some had .308" barrels & others had .311" barrels. I don't remember which was the original & which was new. The change was made fairly early on in their production, like maybe a year or two after they came out. If memory serves me correctly, at least some of the US made ammo in that caliber is loaded with .308" slugs & all the foreign ammo is loaded with .311".

    .311 slug in a .308 barrel = high pressure. .308 slug in a .311 barrel = lousy accuracy.

    The only thing I ever hunted with the 7.62 x 39 Russian shortski, was coyotes. It was overkill on them. It packs about the same punch as a .30-30.
  • ANUMBER1ANUMBER1 Posts: 8,821 Admiral
    I got a mini 14 in 6.8, I love it for running dogs.
    Killed a couple of deer with it.
    I am glad to only be a bird hunter with bird dogs...being a shooter or dog handler or whatever other niche exists to separate appears to generate far too much about which to worry.
  • kci-miakci-mia Posts: 187 Deckhand
    I got one maybe 25 years ago for hunting hogs. Nice looking rifle but couldn't get it to shoot accurately. With Chinese and Russian steel cased ammo it would shoot 6"-8" groups at 100 yards...that was with 4X scope. I shot a box of Norma ammo and it would shoot a little better...about 5" group but I wasn't going to shoot $40/box ammo in it regularly. I shot one hog with it from short range of less than 10 yards but the JHP ammo didn't expand and left a ice pick wound. Ended up shooting it 3 or 4 more times to drop it. Sold the rifle after that.
  • Longbow14Longbow14 Posts: 19 Greenhorn
    Only thing stopping me from getting one is the price. for a few hundred more I could get an m1a and a few hundred less I can get another AR in 7.62x39
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