7-3 Homosassa Redfish and Scallops

Decided to brave the crowds Monday as I am looking to go fishing any chance I get. Made it to Macraes at around 730 and got one of the few free parking spots that were left. After picking up a CCA ruler we headed out the channel. Stopped at first spot on an outgoing tide and fished for about two hours without getting a single bite. Mostly fishing around mangroves and oyster bars. After that we headed out to the floatilla for some scallops. We started north of Homosassa and the pickings were pretty slim. Moved a few times and slowly managed to get about three gallons over about two hours. We were mostly in about 5-6 feet of water. Also found a really cool ledge with nice sized snapper and grouper sitting on it right in the middle of the grass flats. It was about 20 feet long and had about a 3 foot relief. Do not have any electronics installed yet so will probably never find it again. After the figuring we had enough scallops for an appetizer we headed in to try fishing again. Picked up an 18 in red and the next cast my wife one upped me and caught a 21 incher. Also caught about 4-5 little 12 inch snook. Called it a day at about 4pm and waited 45 minutes in line to get the boat out of the water. Headed over to the inlaws and ended the night cooking redfish steaks scallops and potatoes. Overall a good day just had to work hard for what we got.




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