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First fishing trip 6-30 Homosassa

Finally got a chance to take the boat out on an actual fishing trip. Wanted to go out before the craziness of tomorrow. Made it out on the water around 8 and fished just outside the mouth of the river. On the first cast in the new boat caught a little red on a jerk bait. Guess I have some good karma built up. A few casts later I caught about a 30 in snook. I didn't have a law stick so I just used the top of the cooler which was 26 inches. Had a snook shake out the hook on a jump after that then landed another a bit shorter than the first one. Also caught another red on top water which was pretty cool. After that went in to the springs to cool off and wasn't as packed as I figured it would be. Water clearity out in the grass flats was really good but didn't jump in to check for scallops. Overall a really good day and am glad to finally have a boat again. And I need to figure out how to take better picture so I don't look like I have alien fingers.





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