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Thinking of fishing lake ISTAPOKA or lake ARBUCKEL(not sure if i spelled that right). never been there before, just wondering which one would be better this time of year. any advice.

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    What are you typing?
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    Both great spots, worth the visit just for the incredible scenery.
    As for Arbuckle, are you talking lake or creek? I don't have any experience with the lake (yet), but the creek is most productive at the lower portion - from where hwy 60 crosses, you can go either direction a few miles. Up creek, you will find some pretty spots that hold bass, and the deeper holes will have specks. Big catfish all through there as well.
    Down creek, you are heading towards Lake I, and you can catch all kinds of bream along the way. There are a couple of really classic looking bluegill bedding flats, you won't find them up on the flats right now but fish the proximity and you can have luck.

    As for the lake - down at the end of Cow Pen Road (I think that's what it's called - right where the RR trax cross 60), there is a small marina and resort called Trail's End. Gary the owner can get you pointing in the right direction.

    Good luck. Bring a camera.
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