Electrician for dock work

Electrician for dock work
Does anyone have a recommendation for a electrician to do some work on my dock located in Stuart?

I am capable of doing it myself, however, don't have the time. I had two electricians look at the job and both have failed to follow up and provide an estimate and will not answer the phone. I highly dislike these type of people.

The work I want performed is the following:

1. A new photo-sensor on my existing dock light.
2. Install two Hydro-glow lights. I have the lights.
3. Remove/install two new boat lift motors.
4. Remove a couple old lights and either reinstall new LED lights or terminate.

Dock has 100 amp service.

This ain't rocket surgery.

Dock boards can be removed. I have new boards to replace.

The only requirements are a decent person who is licensed and no BS.

Thank you.


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