Clowning around produces nice bycatch

Went out the other day on some semi-local waters looking for another clown knife. Despite seeing 20-25 of the roll, I just couldnt get them to eat. Tried artificials and live bait, they just weren't having it. A lot of them were rolling in pairs gulping air in the same spot over and over so I think they might be spawning. A lot of the pictures as of recent the fish are all banged up too. Ended the day with about eight peacocks and this nice fat bass. This one fell for a small live shiner on a 1/4oz jighead bounced along the bottom. Was fishing a star stellar lite 7' M action, 6-14# and 20lb tufline topped with 20# fluoro leader. Tight lines



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    Nice Fatty!:fishing
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    That thing has some girth. Nice bass.
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    Great Report
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