Trio of Snook - Ft. De Soto 6.16.17

Headed out to the dog beach at the fort to try my hand at some snook fishing with the girlfriend and our pup. Got to the beach around 745am and began fishing around 8am. About 10 casts in, I felt a hard thump and my line went tight . I came tight on a fish that had some weight to it. Got a glimpse of the fish when it jumped about 2' out the air after a nice run. Good snook on! I loosened my drag and let the fish do its thing to tire it out a bit. After a few more good runs and a few more jumps, I was able to land the fish. I didn't have a measuring device with me, but I estimated the fish to be in the high 20s/low 30s. Great way to start the morning! After that, action was pretty slow. I managed to snag 2 more snook the rest of the morning before I stopped fishing. Water clarity was pretty bad and I was only able to spot a few cruising fish during my time there. I may have had better luck getting there earlier, but I didn't wanna drag the girlfriend out too early...we know how that goes haha.
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