Rainy Redfish

Fished Friday with the wife to "test the waters" for the tournament on Saturday. Decided to stay inshore due to the storms and the lackluster results of fishing on Thursday offshore for cobia/ grouper. Got set up on an island south of Homosassa channel for redfish fishing the western point on the incoming tide. Fishing was slow but steady at first. Noticed the rain showers coming in from the southwest, put up the bimini and prepared for the soaking. As soon as the rain started, the bite went nuts! Left the fish biting with 5 fish boated in no time. Decided to run out to 12' NW of marker 4 to look for some cobia. No joy on the cobia.

Fished the tourney Saturday with the wife and stepson. Got set up on the same island as Friday looking for reds. Rains came again and so did the redfish. Boated 6 redfish and lost a VERY nice snook at the boat. Had 3 decent size fish for weigh-in and decided to run out to 12' - 15' to look for trout/ cobia. As soon as I come off plane at the spot I get a low oil alarm. :banghead Was only 11:30, so ran to MaCraes to get some oil. Ran back out and drifted the sugar bowl for a few hours looking for trout or anything that would bite. Picked up 2 more trout not much bigger than the Gulp shrimp. :grin No winning fish but had a GREAT day on the water with the wife and stepson. Not much better than that!


Figured I would include one of Tami's handy artwork for snapchat (or whatever that app is). :grin


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