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Yankee Capts 11/04

Another report from the 11/04 2 day mutton trip on the Yankee Capts. Crew and Captains are all great. This was my second go with the YC and cant wait for my 3rd. Cold front pushed through right before we left which changed the fishing conditions from perfect to decent. None-the-less the fish are always there and will always bite if you set up correctly. I didnt catch as many muttons as Bobby, but was trying to keep up with him...still had a great variety and count. Here are a few pictures of the better fish I caught. Ended with 9 muttons, 3 red groupers, 1 margate, and 4 flags

2 bigger muttons

Red Grouper

Picture of my goggle eye inside the groupers mouth

Nice size margate...pleasant surprise

Big flag that ate a whole gogg


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