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Upcoming trip....

Got a trip to Panama City Beach coming up on July 30 through August 13.
Been multiple times and always kind of winged it as far as fishing goes. Caught lots of lady fish, hardtail, and used them for shark.

This time I'm bringing kayaks and looking for advice on whether or not what I am bringing is good enough. Let me know if you would bring anything else:

Redfish/trout: Have attempted to catch these while in PCB in the past but not had much luck. Will be bringing Gold Spoons, Chrome Spoons, Jig heads with various Norton plastics, possibly a redfish magic spinner or two.
Have tried burnt mill creek once in the past and will go there again probably. Any other suggestions on locations to kayak?

If the conditions permit, I will be going offshore in the kayak (not too far and do not own a fish finder). Bringing some kingfish rigs for drifting/trolling cigar minnows. Also bringing some 125lb mono leaders with 10/0 circle hooks. Have some of these with slider weight clips and some for fishing weightless. Hope to drift or anchor up offshore and use cut bait or blue crabs for shark or big drum.

Really want to fish the bridge connecting PCB and Panama City. Not sure how or what to fish for though. Any ideas/tips? Tried it once from a boat but the current was quick and I didn't know what I was doing.

Other than that, I will be doing a lot of fishing in St Andrews State Park from shore. This is where I usually catch my sharks (just inside the grand lagoon). Will probably use the 125 mono leaders hear with spider weights in the pass. Any other ideas?

Also have lots of smaller rigs with 6/0 hooks and 50 or 60 lb fluoro leaders I can bring. Will probably bring them for live pinfish back in the marsh. These are what I've used in the past catching shark at St Andrews but I broke off ALOT. That's why I upped it to 125lb mono.

Finally, I've only ever caught one founder there by accident but I'd like to catch more. How can I target them?

What do y'all think?


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