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new to Kayaking/ St Lucie Inlet

Hey everyone. I'm new to kayak fishing and the stuart area, not new to fishing inshore in South Florida. I have a bundle of questions and I hope some forum pros can give me guidance.

I've been getting used to the area and kayak fishing the past month, making observations and learning the water. Have not had as much luck with snook as I'd like. I've SEEN more snook in the inlet than I have in all my fishing in South Florida, so I know where they are. But they seem to have lockjaw. I know we are now in release season, but I'd like to catch and release one monster before I start targeting other species.
When I've seen them on the flats they are very skittish. They scoot away even from a soft presentation ten yards away (not flyfishing from a kayak, although that might have worked).
I've gotten away from shrimp and lures and gone to live finfish bait, but catching bait and keeping it alive a bit tough.
Also it looks to me like all the seagrass is dead and there is just bare sand bottom, so once my snook obsession is over, how far north do I have to go to get to good trout territory? Bear point ok?
My plan for tomorrow is to launch off cove road and get to "the hole in the wall" and maybe the south jetty of the inlet. I've seen/released/got cut off / was ignored on the north side, off sailfish point a few times the past two weeks. Just looking for more agreeable fish. Is it because of the spawn (they are more interested in hooking up than being hooked) or my baits (I've had more success catching pinfish and little grunts/pigfish than pilchards or greenies).
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