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Best PCB head boat?

I have fished on a lot of head boats on the Atlantic and a few on the Gulf. I know what to do and don't need hardly any help. I just want to know what boats actually target larger in season game fish out of PCB. I am not interested in a 10 hour grunt fishing trip if you know what I mean!

I know a private charter is best, but that is not in the budget.


  • mdgreco191mdgreco191 Posts: 34 Greenhorn
    Really? No recommendations?
  • mustang190mustang190 Posts: 10,104 AG
    I did post a reply? Again,
    The head boats here mainly target bottom fishing grouper and rs etc.
    If your going after sails or Wahoo etc. A charter will be it.
    There are some guides at the shipyard restaurant that run offshore, Google Panama city guides.
  • LungerLunger Posts: 26 Greenhorn
    If you want something larger than beelines and grunts, be prepared to shell out some serious clams. A 10 hour trip on a charter boat should get you a shot at a grouper or two and some really nice snappers. Right now the whole charter fleet is hitting on all cylinders. If you would rather fish on a party boat, you will want to find one that is doing overnight 18 hour trips or even 2 day trips. There are a couple that do it i believe. Hall's Queen Fleet comes to mind.
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