Finally I caught my First COBIA!

Hey everyone! I've been trying to catch this elusive fish since seeing all the forum posts 6 years ago. Having a small 16' Scout conditions have to be perfect to sight fish for them. Most times going out I would never even see a cobia. Tried fishing the pogey pods for them, but all I would catch is sharks and bluefish.
Well, we headed out last week to get back on the hot kingfish bite we had, but with all the bycatch of dead fish from the shrimp boats it must have threw off the bite. We trolled from 8AM to 12PM and not even one bite!! We were heading in and passing a shrimp boat when my daughter calmly says, "oh look two cobia" and all chaos ensues to get a bait to them. I used a 5 o circle hook w/ 50lb leader and 2 ounce egg sinker, 40lb braid. Cheap pole from Avid Angler that the cashier laughed at me for buying since I had a gift certificate, but just cuz it was cheap doesn't mean it didn't get the job done!
Here's the video, please let me know what you think!


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