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Done with Shimano

pondbirdpondbird Posts: 32 Greenhorn
Have two 8000d Baitrunners approx. 18 months old. Bought new and used approx. 8 to 10 times in saltwater. Rinsed after each use and wiped down with wd 40. Both of the reels have serious corrosion under the paint on the bail arms and the bait runner lever, one handle knob is almost froze up and won't turn. Too much money for these to last only 18 months, would hate to see what they would look like if used often. Going to Penn LL and see if they are better.


  • NoreastSalt3295NoreastSalt3295 Posts: 614 Officer
    Strange, I have the same reel, bought it 7 or 8 years ago and beat the crap out of it. Performs like new and only just starting to get a small amount of corrosion on the bail arm like you mentioned. Thing has landed blues, stripers in NY and then sharks, tarpon, big snook, big reds, 30+ lb Kings and aj's no problem. Mileage may vary I guess.
  • CageyCagey Central FloridaPosts: 917 Officer
    Double post. Tried to delete.
  • CageyCagey Central FloridaPosts: 917 Officer
    Shimano does not recommend rinsing reels used in saltwater. Rinsing only dissolves the salts and usually pushes the salt deeper into the reel causing more problems like rust and corrosion. And WD40 is not recommended for use on reels either since it contains a solvent and can damage chemical sensitive parts inside reels. Corrosion X would have been a better choice.

    Standard maintenance would keep reels in working condition for years to come. Improper use/abuse and mistreatment will destroy any reel of any brand.

    Bearings rust. Makes no difference which brand a person uses. Get the bearings wet, especially with rinsing and forcing salts deeper into a reel and well rust happens.

    Just a suggestion, but when buying a new reel for saltwater, before using in saltwater disassemble the reel and treat all metal parts with corrosion treatment. Like they say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

    Nothing can withstand salt... it will corrode. You should see some Daiwas that come in from saltwater. The frames look like someone dropped an alka seltzer in water and the frame bubbled away like the tablet.

    The Penn reels won't withstand direct salt contamination any better than any others.

    I have reels I have used for years in saltwater and the key is proper breakdown maintenance. Rinsing does not work. It makes it worse and only forces salt into places you don't want it to go!

    I'm sticking with Shimano because quite simply they are the best out there. Proper care is the key to longevity.
  • HookIHookI Posts: 107 Deckhand
    ^^^ correct I have about 12 of their reels salt & freshwater Spheros , Corados , CI4 . I don't dunk them while surf fishing but sometimes they get very wet . Its good to take a damp clean cloth & fresh water & wipe it down after use , Remove the spool to air dry ( not the basement or garage ) best not to leave them where freezing temperatures & extreme hot temperatures . Basic lube is all i do & never open to expose the gears ( I hate puzzles ) I just sent it back to California every few years . I fish the North East & West Central Florida & the Caribbean about 135 days a year . Shimano is a great company & if there are any problems call them & they will take care of their product . Are there other good companies out there ? I don't know I stick with them .
  • shadowwalkershadowwalker Posts: 2,200 Captain
    If its a bearing, pack it, if its threaded, grease it, if it moves oil it. Starting the day you take it out of the box. Before you take it in to the salt, get it serviced, yes right out of the box. Your new reel is not ready for the salt water till its been serviced properly . There are no salt water reels, only those that get proper treatment in advance and those which don't. Fishing tackle, its what I do every day.
  • CaptJCaptJ Posts: 1,344 Officer
    I was advised to use only synthetic oil (motor oil) on any reel, and it really makes a difference.I keep the line roller bearings oiled after almost every trip and go through the reels on a regular basis (I fish a few times a week on average). Most other oils contain petrolium distillates that actually act to strip lubricants from your reel. I fish only saltwater and my Shimano Stradics have held up to extreme use for about 5 years now. Just sent one to Shimano for bail spring mechanism repair and cleaning - $25.00 later I have basically a new reel. Not going to get into the this reel vs that reel discussion, but can tell you that I switched over a few years ago and never looked back.
  • jknjknjknjknjknjkn Posts: 26 Greenhorn
    Shimano fan since late teens..had all my stradic fi's serviced and fail within a year of each other. Switched to daiwa Bg's and it was a no brainer. Smooth enough and drag has easy pickup. Just feels better made than any stradic or sustain I've owned.
  • Rich MRich M Posts: 1,326 Officer
    I've been a shimano fan for about 35 years. was Penn before that. I also don't go with the top of the line models, most of my reels cost less than $150. My light 4000 spinners less than $75.

    I take every road and reel that was on the boat into a hot shower after the day is over. I don't do anything fancy but prop em up where the water hits them while I shower and then hold them upright under the shower for a bit. Rods and reels get to drip dry in shower overnight - everything stays like new.

    The only time I have issues is when I let other folks clean my tackle - I have some nice Penn reels on ugly sticks that didn't get rinsed well and are corroded. Lesson learned - if it is important, I do it myself.
  • Kill_It_N_Grill_ItKill_It_N_Grill_It fort lauderdalePosts: 60 Deckhand
    never heard of these problems with shimano before but agree.... NEVER use WD40
  • conchydongconchydong Pompano BeachPosts: 9,199 Admiral
    Most reels are the same, you need to service them before you use them. I have 25 year old reels that are like an old Timex. You can't kill them. I keep saying I will "upgrade" when they die but they won't die. I learned on Alan Tani's forum how to do the work myself. 

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  • CaptainJackCaptainJack Indian pass FL / British Virgin IslandsPosts: 6 Greenhorn
    ive had a set of those reels for 6 years now and we use them a lot! and theyre still running great. we also have tiagras that are 12 years old that you couldnt tell apart from new ones. it all depends on how well you look after your reels
  • Hardcore LuresHardcore Lures Posts: 135 Deckhand
    Reels are like any other mechanical thing.  They like to be used.  Light rinsing, and periodic maintenance will keep any non-throw away brand going for many years. 
  • cortrcortr Posts: 373 Deckhand
    Agree that all reels need maintenance and bearing will wear out no matter how well taken care of. I own 5 saltwater and 6 freshwater Shimanos and some are over 15 years old. With regular maintenance, they still operate as good as when new.
  • kellerclkellercl Posts: 8,768 Admiral
    I have a baitrunner that is over a decade old, no issues.

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