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Withlacoochee 5/26/17

Though I'm mostly a saltwater fella, I've been turned on to bass lately. My inspiration and new fishin' buddy went back to GA for the summer so I had to go it alone today. (Sorry Alex, I had a great day without you). I launched in the Withlacoochee near Inverness.
I've used plastic worm almost exclusively and have had good results. However, I get annoyed with how wimpy the worms are and am constantly changing them; It is nothing to go through a bag of 20. So today I tried one of my favorite red and snook artificial lures, Z-man jerk baits and fished it like a worm. Today I used the gold flake root beer color. After about five casts I became a believer as my personal best bass @ 23.5" came in the boat. (Sorry, no scale for weight)

I continued fishing and caught several more smaller bass and the obligatory bowfin or two. As an airboat approached, I reeled in quickly to get out of his way; a 21" hit on the fast retrieve.

A bit later, still using the original jerk bait without having to change, I got another @ 22".

In all, I got about ten bass under 15" in addition to the big'uns. As of a couple weeks ago, 4 1/2 lbs was my personal record so today has my head in the clouds!!


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