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Honda Pilot

Seafox220Seafox220 Posts: 5 Greenhorn
looking at Honda Pilot (V-6) for tow vehicle. Have a 22' Seafox bayboat 3500 lbs. +-. Front wheel drive or All wheel drive?
Any thoughts or comments appreciated.


  • Soda PopinskiSoda Popinski GrovelandPosts: 13,243 AG
    All wheel drive over front wheel drive every time. It's not the boat, it's the ramp and you never need it...until you need it. But always nice to have and not need then need and not have.

    Just my opinion.
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  • NewberryJeffNewberryJeff Posts: 7,447 Admiral
    The FWD is only rated to tow 3500lbs.
  • cadmancadman Home of the Gators Posts: 32,592 AG
    Considering the towing capacity of the vehicle from Honda, you would need the all wheel drive to give you 5000lbs towing. 2wd maxes out at 3500 and would not tow the boat.


    I would get a bigger towing vehicle personally.

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  • FishWithChrisFishWithChris TallahasseePosts: 143 Deckhand
    22' SeaFox... assuming a double axle trailer? 3/4 tank of gas, 3-4 in the Pilot?

    You're looking at 4k right there. If it was RWD, you could get away with it.. maybe. The other issue is going to be wheelbase. Longer boat/trailer, longer wheelbase suggested (longer tows definitely add to the need).

    What is your budget to spend, that is a better question to ask
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  • GrizGriz Palm Beach Gardens, FloridaPosts: 9,903 Admin
    Without a doubt the AWD

    My wife has or had 3 Pilots, a 2003 first year and was standard AWD, 2011 FWD.

    The 2011 stunk on a ramp of any magnitude I once had to have my daughter and SIL lay across the hood jjust to get enough traction to pull a double wave runner trailer out. Other times with my 17 Mako smoke tires on occasion.

    After the waverunner fiasco I traded in on a 2013 ELX AWD.

    Besides the towing I feel the AWDs ride and handle better with their torque vectoring AWD.

    The last two generation Pilots had a lockable differential controlled by a switch on the dash.

    The newer ones do not, but in sand mode the rear is supposed to lock if needed.
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  • Larry MacLarry Mac Posts: 5,466 Admiral
    The 2016 and earlier ( the more boxier looking) all could tow 5000.

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