Just received a "Privacy notice for Raymarine Users"

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In so many words they will share my data I guess that they have w/ Raymarine unless I send them a notice. I can't imagine much that Navionics might have that Raymarine doesn't already have, but Navionics will send me an updated MSD card "upon request" for free.

Is this for real or is somebody phishing.



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    I get the feeling Ron is right... That doesn't sound (right off the bat) like something Raymarine would do. Is it possible to copy the whole message in here?
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    The message is below. It's from Navionics, not Raymarine, but indicates that it is Navionics in conjunction w/ Raymarine or......

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    Dear Customer,

    We recognize that you are using a Navionics product in conjunction with Raymarine equipment. In order for Raymarine to be able to improve future features and services, your registration and sonar data (when present) would serve as a great benefit to them. For this purpose, Navionics will share this data with them.

    As part of this service, and in cooperation with Raymarine, Navionics will send directly to you, upon request, Raymarine’s latest plotter software update preloaded on an MSD card, free of charge, for any of the following models you may own: a, c, e, eS, gS Series.

    You will discover more valuable services after being part of the registered user community of Raymarine. If you are not interested in such new services, please send an email with the text “Don’t share my data” to [email protected] within 7 days, and your information will not be shared with Raymarine.

    You may choose to unsubscribe from any future messages generated by Navionics or by Raymarine at any time.


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    If you want to PM me w/ an email address I can forward the whole message w/ headers, logos etc.

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    That's the real deal. Navionics and Raymarine are very good partners. But, for Raymarine users to get the most out of their Navionics chips, they have to have the latest software update. So, in order to help those users get the latest Raymarine update, Navionics users can request a free MSD card with that software update on it. After that, it's a matter of putting that card in your unit to update the software.

    So, if you have a Raymarine plotter (which it sounds like you do) and a Navionics chip, you can request this software update be sent to you and maximize your plotter unit.

    I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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    Thank you Mike. I guess I'm just becoming too paranoid about what I share anywhere. Yes, I do have a boatload so to speak of Raymarine on the boat. I appreciate your response and help.


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    You should always be cautious (if not paranoid). I'm glad you asked. Hopefully this will help some other people too. Let me know if you have any other questions at all.

    Good luck!
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