Duck Hunting Boat Blind

New in box Beavertail 1800 series duck hunting boat blind. Never opened...this blind is Realtree Max 4 pattern and there are four slots for hunters. This blind fits boats ranging from 17-20 feet long with a beam between 72-86 inches. This product retails for $769 + shipping. These are top quality blinds... just go to the Beavertail website and look for yourself. They have a video posted of the installation process and you can tell how nice it is while watching the video. I am FIRM on the price ($500)! Located in Tampa area.


  • Barrett1Barrett1 Posts: 165 Officer
    I might be interested. Been considering a new blind and like the simplicity of the Beavertail. I will measure my boat to see if it will fit. I have a feeling it will interfere with my rear storage boxes and tiller handle though.

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  • HuntFLHuntFL Posts: 32 Greenhorn
    Watch the video on their website of the installation. It doesn't interfere with anything internally. It's a very nice set-up.
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