Goliath Grouper and Amberjack Heaven

Finally in Cape Coral :)

A little overwhelmed by the sheer size of fishable water, but we did 2 charters with Dan Medina too as well as fishing with our own boat.
A local guy called Bill helped us 1 day, and put us on to Trout, sadly we struggled to link up again due to changes in our charter and weather or fishing days.

Our charters were amazing :)
Dan Medina is a man on a mission to put his clients on fish.

1st charter was Amberjack Heaven, over 100 fish just below the surface and caught on Poppers, Jigs, Live Baits, Bucktails and Lures.
Fish up to 40lb, fantastic days fishing and still many fish lost to Hammerheads and Goliath Grouper as well as bite off's from Cudas and Sharks.

This helped us decided that our 2nd charter would be on a mark like this, we were not disappointed.
We were greeted by less Amberjack overall, but those that did greet us, were definitely bigger and not alone.
Big Baracudas were in numbers too, and these toothy critters took a toll on our rigs as did a few Sharks.
We landed a few Cuda and a couple of smaller Sharks.
But we all landed AJ's including my partner Jayne, her first proper fish, I was so proud of her, and she was too.

Time to turn our attention to me catching a Hammerhead or large shark generally, so we were in 90/100ft of water and knew we had sharks below us, so the skipper set up a 7ft Star Rod and Penn 4/0 reel loaded with 80lb braid and heavy nylon leader with a thick wire trace and what seemed like a huge hook.
Baited with a slab side of Cuda, down it went.
Not long after the rod bends over and line creams out at a scary pace with me hanging on for my dear life, swearing like a trooper.
20 min later and I'm still struggling to get line back but I do very slowly, until the line goes limp.
#*?"#*?#^* slips out my lips, the trace is thick multi strand wire and its shredded, it's decided it's a huge Bull Shark as few other sharks could cause this damage to wire like this.
Down goes another bait, Large Bonito head, few minutes later I'm holding on again, but this is more a tug of war with a lot less line going out, but still a fierce fight until nylon leader snaps, it's decided it's a Goliath Grouper due to lack of line taken.
Down goes a huge Bonito body, within minutes I'm in battle 3, and I'm starting to feel a little pained, same happens again and a Goliath is blamed.

We are just rigging up No 4 when a huge Whale Shark turns up and slips under our boat, Wow.
We are all excited and cameras are coming out, this turns out to be 1 of 2 traveling together and not often seen in these waters.
Prior to this a Loggerhead Turtle turns up to watch us, again a great experience :)

But I need a Shark and we need to come up with a strategy in case our South African shark bait concoction created by Andre gets picked up by another Goliath.

We decide that the skipper will keep engines ticking over and as soon as I hook up, he'll put engines in to forward and pull any beastie picking my bait up will be pulled away from any wreck/structure that may pose an obstacle is away from us.

Minutes after dropping a Cuda, Bonito and Squid bundle down its taken, boat shoots forwards and it's off, but I feel the bait is still there so leave it down.
Then I feel a huge pull and the beastie is back on, boat shoots forwards and it's off again, but I feel the bait still on.
Same as previous I feel a hit again, I give the rod some serious thumping to set hook and boat shoots forwards and it's still on.
Let the battle begin, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes and I'm starting to regret this decision to fight a fish on Shark Stand up tackle, even more so when it feels like a bloody big Goliath Grouper.
Around 40 minutes, I feel I'm gaining the edge thanks to the boat going backwards a little and the line is coming in, but it's still a serious tug of war and I'm hurting real bad.
But I'm not giving in and I pull for everything it's worth, finally I see a huge brown Goliath coming up, it's beaten and so am I, another 10 minutes and I think I would of passed the rod.
We are all so pleased to see this beast beside the boat and I'm being congratulated.
The skipper says jump in to get photos, so I do, not sure it's a great idea, but what the Hell.
Trousers off and in I go for photos, but this is deep water with bigger things than this Grouper down there, so it's going to be quick.
Fish struggled a bit, but our skipper knew how to help it regain it's composure and swim back to its deep lair.
Oh boy, I'm broken, but happy.
77 inches and estimated 300/325lbs.
Wow oh Wow.
Catch and release some fish
There are anglers tomorrow who want to catch too
Just because there is a upper limit, doesn't mean you keep it all.


  • whipachawwhipachaw Posts: 505 Officer
    So glad you guys got on some big fish. Very cool you saw whale sharks. I still have yet to see one. I am surprised they weren't being followed by cobia. Looks like you guys had a beautiful day out on the water. Wish we could have fished again, but life got in the way. Still time to squeeze in a couple pints if you're still in town.
  • KenyakevinKenyakevin Posts: 165 Officer
    We saw big Cobia with Whale Sharks and Loggerhead Turtle.
    Dan said they were around 50lb in size some of them.
    Some big Remora on the Whale Sharks too.

    It's been a great trip :)
    Catch and release some fish
    There are anglers tomorrow who want to catch too
    Just because there is a upper limit, doesn't mean you keep it all.
  • Capt Dan MedinaCapt Dan Medina Posts: 769 Officer
    we truly did have 2 great days of fishing. Great weather and a good crew put lots of fish in the boat. The Whale sharks were awesome, and the goliath put the icing on the cake for the day.
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    Offshore Fishing Charters FT Myers, Sanibel, Captiva, Cape Coral
  • conchydongconchydong Pompano BeachPosts: 4,730 Captain
    Awesome report and glad you had a great experience on your holiday. Kudos to Capt. Dan also.

    “Everyone behaves badly--given the chance.”
    ― Ernest Hemingway

  • CapnAhabCapnAhab Posts: 250 Deckhand
    Excellent report and glad to see after all your posts previously that you had an awesome time. Great fish and time well spent making memories I am sure.

    God of all days
    Glorious in all of Your ways
    The majesty the wonder and grace
    In the light of Your Name

    Let hope rise and darkness tremble
    In Your holy light
    That every eye will see Jesus our God
    Great and mighty to be praised
  • KenyakevinKenyakevin Posts: 165 Officer
    We found the whole region stunning, restaurants and food excellent and fishing options overwhelming but exciting.
    I'm envious of your waters and region, your very lucky indeed.
    We loved all the bird and wildlife too.
    Appreciate all the help and advise we received from posts here too.
    We will be back :)
    Thank You
    Catch and release some fish
    There are anglers tomorrow who want to catch too
    Just because there is a upper limit, doesn't mean you keep it all.
  • whipachawwhipachaw Posts: 505 Officer
    Sorry we didn't get out for a pint or 12. Maybe next time!!! Tell Andre (Angay) he's buying!!!!
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