Miamimuttonman reef fishing report groupers go home 5/2/17

Finally I get to put them in the cooler. Went out to bring home some grouper and mutton
First spot was catching the bait, speedo and ballyhoo and that was easy, but lucky for the grouper the current was dropping making it Easter for the fish to rock up and for that reason we lost the first two big ones, after we traveled a little to find moving water and that's where we had a back to back grouper bite which ended up in the cooler.
Muttons where hitting as well and we put some in to end up with a color full cooler 95F6A1F3-EBBF-4AA0-BD97-06B3BB25AEBA_zpshwmocvlb.jpg7D7A5447-5D6C-4578-B9A9-59F22EB8948B_zpsuc2iu4ym.jpg4CA1CBFE-DABB-4C36-B17D-E10A21C57CB2_zpsoel9egje.jpg for vídeos go to


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