Crime scene at The Pocket April 21

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We had originally planned to fish Eleuthera, however once we hit The NW Providence Channel the surprisingly extreme conditions forced us to change plans. Immediately after hitting two 8' waves, with an very short period and becoming airborne, we headed more in a southerly direction and landed at The Pocket. As we approached The Pocket we could easily see a parking lot full of multi million dollar Sporties. They were bunched up in the NW corner. I decided to start the troll in the SW corner. It was a good 4-6' with again a short period. Not easy to rig baits and hang on at the same time. However my friends, (John, Clark, Nick, Kurt and Tom of The 'A' Team) never complained. As soon as we were able to deploy 3 baits, we had a triple header. That area was infested with 15-35lb Mahi. We had triple and quadruple hook ups for the next two hours and suddenly realized that we were at the limit and needed to start releasing the fish. We also boated a wahoo and broke off two Blues. The SE wind was blowing a steady 20 knots which was perfect this time of year for fishing The Pocket.
The next day, that we fished, we caught the limit on Muttons and Grouper. We had an awesome time with great friends, epic fishing and made memories that will last forever! Can't wait to do that again
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    That first fin is gorgeous!!!! Looks like an incredible trip.
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    Flfjack wrote: »
    That first fin is gorgeous!!!! Looks like an incredible trip.

    I agree and haven never seen such a beautiful Mahi. Thinking about selling that pic on line :-)
    Great Harbor Cay, Berry Islands, Bahamas
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    Great work Jeff and crew as it Looked like a great trip and congrats on the Mahi mayhem! Some great looking grouper and muttons also to round out a great trip.

    Hook N Up
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    I still can't get the smile off my face. What an awesome trip!
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    Nice job Rum and Gun fishing team.

    Life begin's as soon as I leave the dock!
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    Very cool GREAT trip and results guys. I could not believe u crossed in that weather but it payed off for u guys.
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    Looks like lots of weather involved..well earned results.

    I want a blue dolphin !
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    Awesome trip! Congrats on some quality fish.
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    Great trip guys. I was bummed I could not make it this time but I am sure our Memorial Weekend trip will bbe sick! It looks like you found some awesome bottom fishing and lots of Mahi
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    The only crime I see there was that you eventually had to leave.

    That was some great fishing for sure.
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    Looks like a great trip. Dealing with weather like that usually pays off, but wow that had to be a beating. Nice work. OH and by the way the Radar works great.
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    Excellent work!!!!!
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    Great post and adventure. Thanks for taking time to fill us land locked folks! Gotta get out soon.
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    You guys killed it!!!!

    We are going to head over in the next couple of weeks.

    I'm gonna call you in the morning.

    Been busy outfitting the new 18' Bay Boat I picked up on Friday from the dealership. I hate breaking in the Yamaha.. but the first hour which is the worst is over.. Electronics are installed and the iPilot Terrova trolling motor is next to go on.


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    It's awesome when the Pocket goes off. Great trip and post, thanks, Jeff.
    Did you stay at Chub? How was it? Haven't been there in a while.

    If you don't mind, I'm gonna copy this to the Tropical section.
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    Was a great trip - Thanks Jeff
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