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4/28 Hillsboro report: salad and peanuts

Well, after a slow winter I was encouraged by some good reports the last couple weeks. Got a couple dozen pilchards and some ballys and headed out Friday. Little breezy but better than the weekend forecast; I thought conditions looked good.

Ran southeast to 400' and started a drift. In about 300 we picked up a peanut with just a couple with him. All were short, and moved on quickly after jumping an extra one off and releasing the first. It was still early and it was just me and a friend who's just learning the offshore game, so doing the full rodeo on babies seemed like a bad move.

So, back to drifting, got into 200 and hit the edge but it was an absolute disaster of scattered weed even though there were some nice big patches mixed in. Between the wind and weed we just couldn't fish anywhere close. Maybe with an extra guy or two we could have stayed in it, but clearing lines and trying to bump troll right to stay outside of the weed was not happening. Got into the green water, but nothing much happening and didn't want to feed my livies to boneheads and kings so took off for another drift just after hitting the third reef.

Next drift was like the first minus even the one schoolie. Weed seemed to be breaking up even worse. We finished the drift again after missing a solid bite on the down line in 90', and I decided to see if I could skip some light feathers over the weed since it was eating us up. Did that for a couple more hours with one more undersized schoolie attack and approximately 300 chances to reset the lines due to weeds, and was done. I rolled out to 800 and into 70 but mostly fished 120-300 and it just wasn't happening for me. Everything looked good, so hopefully someone got into them.


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