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Please help with a sailfish/mahi setup I want to buy

The choices are endless and it seems really tough to find a reel that is not either $140 (Tld20) or over $600(Talica)

I love the TLD but it is a slow reel 3.1 ratio and I am NOT paying $600 a reel.

I have researched a ton and have come up with the Avet LX 6.0 with the SF cam. I found a rod and reel combo from Tackle Direct


It is the reel that I want and a Crowder rod E series that says it is a Sailfish combo. My concern before I buy this setup is the rod. Is it a live bait or dead bait rod as I need a live bait rod for sure.

I am not sure if anyone has any info on this rod Crowder ESU6630S but if you do can you please help?


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