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Jupiter 4/26

So our Grand Cay run was delayed by 1 expired passport & one infected tooth. Neither mine.
Wed became a solo run out front . Nice seas, some live bait . great weather. 7:30 GO.

One would think that at this point there would be no more new mistakes to be made..
One would think !!! Still lessons to be learned..(re-learned)
After a few bones trolling to 300 and bang. Very nice dolphin..he behaves nicely, alongside , gaff shot , in the boat. Heres where the lesson is..Open both fish box hatches &^%$#.

Fish is so long his rear third hits the closed hatch and he goes beserk. Now everything starts moving in slow
motion. He flops twice on the hatch, I'm clawing franticly at the slimy air,once more on the tuna door, he tail slaps me in the head, again on the bracket, and splash. With 3 lines still out I watch helplessly as his slowly wanders away.
Reset, another inhales a small soft chugger. Apparently allll the way down because he chafes through the mfg. mono leader and poof.
Thankfully I was given a third opportunity and ended up with it, some large rainbows, tossed back 2 small AJs
and assorted characters.
Inside 150 was bonito, shark, and blue runners thick as fleas.


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