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Epic day aboard the colossal catch

Today's crew was captain Jon and Sean the mate . We headed out for a early start since we had to be back on the dock at 12 , first ones on the pile and boom Cobia in the box at 6:35 so we do one more drift nothing , so we decided to head offshore for this springtime mahi bite and boy did we find em baits in the water at 115 feet within 10 min we have our first dolphin and she was every bit of 25 pounds she jumps and spits the hook after a little aggravation we re set and not another 10 min goes by and the bull is here this time and we weren't loosing him 15 min fight and 46 pounds of mahi hits the deck claps around and out go some new baits and not even 5 min this time my buddy says fish on because he watched the bull eat 20 min later 47 pounds of mahi hit the deck screams claps the whole nine yards . Epic day offshore and made it back to sandsprit by 9:30


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