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Bonita Bonanza

Was fortunate to be able to get out Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26 for some fishing in the morning. Bait was present along the rocky ridgeline south of the inlet. Just look for the diving birds or groups of boats. However, toothy fish were more abundant and seems like I lost more sabikis and leads than I caught bait. Not sure what was in the mix but a commercial fisherman who was having the same cutoff issue said that Bluefish were the culprit.

Went out to about 100' and put out some trolling lures. Before I could get the complete spread out we were on to Bonitos. From about 7:00am till about 10:30am it was more or less continuous action on the bonitos. Both days we hooked one sail but due to the "interference" from bonitos we were unable to land the sails. Moved out to deeper 250-300' water where there was very lightly scattered weed and the bonito attack ended. Unfortunately, nothing else was interested in our spread either. Radio was mostly quiet, although a few dolphin were being picked up. Also, heard someone on this side asking what the legal limit size was for yellowfin. Someone responded 27" and the first caller said that "Well then I have two yellowfins." That was all I heard.

Came back in and dropped what few live baits we had over some wrecks in 70' and picked up a couple of undersized dolphins and a couple of kings. All went back to fight another day.

All in all nice to be back on the water after all the windy conditions the last few weeks.
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