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Tuna Frenzy

Saw a nice window and got the crew together for a quick run today. Cleared PBI at 4 and bugged up a few dozen gogs and set the throttles East. Cleared customs then went and loaded up on some nice pitch and chum baits and cruised to the spot. Slow start with not many birds but picked up a couple Dolphin on a frigate, with nothing going on decided to make the run up on the bank and snapper fish for a while. Made pretty quick work with a limit of yellowtails. 3:15 headed back to the Tuna Grounds and got on the first flock, within minutes we were covered in fish. The next 2 hours or so were a chaotic blur with doubles, triples, and quads. Tuna flyin in the boat, and a couple more dolphin, lost some STUDS to the taxman, but by 530 we have our limit of pelagics and set course for the barn. a2704ac0d63df01ec0538e55847de9ae.jpg6061e6c902a95ad07163844a8087f780.jpgd6edba451ef026f0da06a811d91a33a6.jpg


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