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LWI 4/26/17 - nice day out there

I finally found day that I could shake loose, & the weather looked good, so it was inevitable that I would get the boat wet this morning. My buddy Bruce the electrician joined me.

There was NO bait to be found near the docks this morning. It was a nice warm sunny morning with a few scattered clouds & a gentle breeze out of the southish. We would later see the breeze out of the SE & SW. We would later see enough wind for a kite, but we did not fly one.

We broke the inlet around 8:30 ish. Tide was high. Water was a nice clear blue. Water temp was about 78F near shore & 79 further out. We saw no sudden temperature break. Fliers of various sizes were around here & there. The water was fairly clear of weed inside of 500'. From there out to 750, there was just enough scattered weed to keep you clearing the trolled lines regularly. We found one weak weed line with some car-sized patches out around 600. It didn't seem to be holding anything. Near shore we found almost no current in the morning. Out around 750, it was ripping over 3 knots north. We came back in to find close to 2 knots north in most places.

Bone heads were biting near shore. Some were medium size. One was XXL (a little over 3'). We picked up a decent bull out around 500' on a chugger. We would later come back into the Juno ledge & pick up a good sized yellow tail. The wrecks really didn't produce anything noteworthy for us today.

On the way back in, there was a stark color change from murky green to clear blue where the inlet was pouring out the last of the tidal water.

There is no water available from the spigot at the cleaning table by the boat ramps at Phil Foster park. The water does work at the table over by the pier.


  • Serenity NowSerenity Now Posts: 440 Deckhand
    Very detailed report. And an ice heads up about the tables. Thank you. Congrats on catching some supper.

    FWIW I'm hearing some sardines are showing up in Jupiter. Haven't seen first hand yet tho soooooo
    "Surreel Life"
    2014 Seahunt Gamefish 25
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