Livewell size for bait

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I have been using live shrimp for my fishing adventures. I have always wanted to used white bait instead. I found a place that sells white bait but quickly realized that my boats livewell is insufficient.

I decided to see how much my well can hold. Using a bucket test I poured about 7 gallons of water into my livewell. I didn't think a boat could have such a small well. The boat is a Key Largo 160CC. My pump is a T500GPH. What are some of my best, easiest options to be able to keep whitebait?

I have thought about putting a larger pump on my boat. But the well is still very small.

Turning the cooler seat into a livewell. But I like to use this seat for dry storage.

Turning a spare igloo cooler into a livewell.

Does anyone use the last one?


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    Baitwells need to be round.....and better
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    I used this Ultra 13 gal. for years and did very well keeping white baits. Has a baffle to where it has a Reverse Flow water circulation system. Really helped keeping the water clean. I used the recommended rule 360 gph livewell pump. NOT a bilge pump. Anything larger would wear the baits down.
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    Look at the transom mount bait pump. Then, get a 20-30 gallon plastic livewell. You can strap it behind your seat and throw the overflow hose over the side/back of the boat. Then, you can take the well/hoses off the boat when your not using it. The transom mount pump is nice because it pumps/pushes water while your running. Most boat manf put the pumps thru the transom, and they do not push water while your running.
    You can find the plastic tanks on craigslist even for pretty cheap. You can get a very nice setup for a few hundred bucks.
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