Livewell size for bait

keeth1123keeth1123 Posts: 1 Greenhorn

I have been using live shrimp for my fishing adventures. I have always wanted to used white bait instead. I found a place that sells white bait but quickly realized that my boats livewell is insufficient.

I decided to see how much my well can hold. Using a bucket test I poured about 7 gallons of water into my livewell. I didn't think a boat could have such a small well. The boat is a Key Largo 160CC. My pump is a T500GPH. What are some of my best, easiest options to be able to keep whitebait?

I have thought about putting a larger pump on my boat. But the well is still very small.

Turning the cooler seat into a livewell. But I like to use this seat for dry storage.

Turning a spare igloo cooler into a livewell.

Does anyone use the last one?


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