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PBI 4/22 did those guys go out in a dingy?

Made the trip out early Saturday morning 4/22 with brother in law and good friend in my 21footer. To say the least I turned around after first intial inlet 7 footers over the bow but I wasn't the only one many others as well in bigger boats turned back. It was sloppy! 3-5 easy with 6 and 7ft. Anyhow we bought bait sat by the inlet and proceeded to catch nothing off the channel ledge with live pilchards. Hoping for a snook or anything to salvage the day. So we are sitting there contemplating how big or small out coconuts are and before our eyes here comes a 10ft dingy with 2 guys im like no way those guys going out and they made it. So again we sit and watch a 16ft skiff decides to go out and at this point my buddy is like if he makes it we are going I said you got it. So he made it as well so we reel in and head out took a couple over but was able to get out and put lines in around 70ft. Troll out in front of the inlet around all the sportys flying kites looked like a kite show there was so many. Never really saw anyone pulling anything in. We get out to 205ft and wham long line with ballyhoo and yellow and green skirt gets hit. Long run head shakes thinking it's a hoo. Got my bro in law on the reel I'm working the boat and good friend clearing lines. We all did good buddy hands me gaff takes the wheel and I see a nice Blackfin not a hoo but I'll take it probably 10-12lbs. Troll some more and just kept getting more tangled due to the wind and greehorns setting lines called it at 10:45 and had to be back at house for gender reveal party for my wife and I. No skunk and good seared tuna on the grill. Oh and also made my brother in law eat the heart of his first tuna catch needless to say he almost didn't get it down.


  • Reel MusselReel Mussel Posts: 308 Deckhand
    Congratulations on the baby, and glad to see some tuna! I hope the guys in the little boats were at least wearing their PFDs...


    2017 Cape Horn 24OS

  • TritonBillTritonBill Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    That sounds very familiar. We must have passed you on the way out the inlet Saturday. We caught a keeper dolphin in line with the kite fishers as we trolled out and then had two skipjack tuna on at 260 ft, one came unglued. We saw a small inflatable out there.
  • Boca KrisBoca Kris Posts: 131 Deckhand
    Way to push through!
  • SluiceBox1SluiceBox1 Posts: 19 Greenhorn
    yeah we must have crossed paths TritonBill. the inflatable was 2 guys spearfishing in front of the inlet. maybe its easier to operate a small inflatable in 5ft seas than a bigger boat?? good job on the dolphin, i thought i saw someone pull in a keeper dolphin not to far from us but couldnt tell what it was. I have a light blue boat with a octopus and anchor decal on both sides if you see me out there. if i had a better spread probably would have done better and guys that knew how to set lines but oh well thats how you learn.
  • SluiceBox1SluiceBox1 Posts: 19 Greenhorn
    Thanks Reel Mussel! we are excited we have a 6yr old boy now and we just found out we are having a girl. they will both be fishing together in the near future thats for sure.
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