4/18 Crystal River

Went to some salt for a change today. Got there just before low tide, met a man going out and asked if I could follow him out of the Salt River. He was from Georgia also and suggested a place to go for a redfish. I anchored where he said the redfish were and threw a DOA CAL a few times and caught a lizard fish, threw it some more and got a big bite. It was my first cobia but not a keeper at 28". I threw a few more times and caught 2 more smaller ones. Then caught a tough jack about 4 lbs. The tide changed and nothing was biting so I moved. Tried a few places near oysters for naught. Changed my lure to a Johnson spoon and went down the mangrove banks and after about 45 minutes got bit again and brought in the toughest 23" snook I've ever caught. Never caught a redfish or a trout but had a good day.




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