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Jacks - best methods and places

Hi Guys,
Crevelle Jacks,
Are these easily found around Cape Coral?

We arrive 29th April for 2 weeks fishing around Cape Coral marks.

We have lots of info of our main target species, but we are looking for some decent Jacks to give my partner a work out on light spinning outfit.
I was thinking of casting small lures, bucktails or casting jigs, failing these small bait fish.
Unless you guys know better?

Best spots to find these?
Bridges, harbour, estuary?
Appreciate any suggestions, as a couple of our guys would like to try for these on light spinning outfits too, me included.
When I was in The Keys, live prawns on small jig heads caught us a few under bridges, but I'm hoping for a more productive method if possible.

Catch and release some fish
There are anglers tomorrow who want to catch too
Just because there is a upper limit, doesn't mean you keep it all.


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