I am looking for work and open to several types of employment


After staying home with my second daughter the last year I am ready to get back out and be productive in the work force. I am grateful for the time I had with my daughter but mentally, and financially, I need to go back to work

Would like to find a position within the marine industry, but am open to anything at this point... just need to make some money!

I am ideally looking for a private boat that is based out of south Florida but travels up to a month or two at a time. I have years of experience as a mate on charter boats and private boats. Know how to kite fish, troll (we used to run 10 lines on one of the charter boats), deep drop, bottom fish, etc.

I am beyond mechanically inclined. Re-built my first 2 stroke motor at 14 yrs old. Went on to get a BS degree in Ocean Engineering. I have even designed mechanical systems such as autonomous underwater vehicles and anti torpedo systems for the DOD.

Strong computer skills, including CAD design 10+ years using solidworks, CAM with Mastercam, Matlab basics, Finite element analysis

Run my own CNC machine making boat accessories from starboard (just dont make enough to pay the bills yet)

• Fully knowledgeable and skilled in using hand tools and power tools
• Basic lathe, mill, drill press and general machine shop operation skills.
• Have knowledge of scientific equipment and procedures
• CAD Design; Strong background with 10+ years using Solid Works, including Finite element analysis
• CAM experience using Mastercam
• Matlab basics
• Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point

• Custom Fabrication / engineering
Mechanical, electrical, hydraulic subsystems and various systems made from the combination of them.

• EXTREMELY Mechanically Inclined Individual. Have been called Mcguiver on many occasions.
Gifted with a trouble-shooting mentality and through my technical background and years of hands on experience, I am able to understand how systems, subsystems, and individual parts work and interact with one another; on a mechanical, electrical and hydraulic basis.

In addition to my technical design and assembly of engineering systems such as autonomous underwater vehicles, I have broken down and rebuilt two stroke motors, performed automobile maintenance items for 20+ years such as brakes, suspension, exhaust, performance upgrades, motor swaps, etc.

Strictly follow the “one tool in, one tool out” mentality when working with tools in order to keep them in an orderly fashion, allowing for necessary quickness when in a time dependant situation.

• Electrical Skills
Have installed electrical systems on many 12 volt system boats, from start to finish. Also have assisted in the wiring of houses and other industrial structures.

• Experienced boat operator and deck hand.
Have deep understanding of ocean currents and navigable waterways. Captain of a competitive fishing team, includes operation of boats up to 45 feet in length and team leader for long range fishing trips. Have been in many epic situations on boats off shore where quick thinking and decision-making where necessary to quickly, yet effectively fix mechanical and electrical problems in order to ensure the safety of those aboard.

• SCUBA Certified since 1994 by P.A.D.I.
I have been SCUBA diving since the age of 10 and grew up spear fishing 2-4 times a week. Logged dives include such places as the Cayman Islands, Puerto Rico, and the Florida keys. Advanced dive skills include cave diving, night diving, technical diving and deep-water dives up to 180 feet.

• Skilled wood worker.
Have used all basic and advanced power tools typically used in the construction industry. Have helped in the construction of full-scale houses, school portables, and other large-scale structures.

• Driven by Motivation.
Willingness to do my share of the work. I work best within small groups that require trust and respect for everyone from everyone, and enjoy a group comradery.

• Leadership
Good at analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of individual team members in relation to the task at hand. Then designating the most efficient use of each individual’s talent and time to most effectively achieve the group goal. I have held many management positions since 1998, including running my own business with employees.

• Personable/out going Personality
o Have the ability to strike conversation with almost anyone I come in contact with. Immensely enjoy meeting new individuals and finding common interest in conversation. Have the ability to “make friends” with a stranger.
o I enjoy speaking to large groups and relaying pertinent information
o Have the ability to get a group of individuals to come together for a common interest or goal
A lazy fisherman is a boater!!
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