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I was in Miami last week for an annual trip with Bouncer Smith. On Wednesday, I visited Capt Harry's and saw a flier stating that Bouncer was going to skydive into Harry's parking lot. While in the store, Carl Liederman pointed to the flier and told me I was going to miss a great show. Went fishing with Bouncer on Thursday and asked him what was going on. He got a smug smile on his face and said it was true, and they had the airplane arranged and everything, but that's all he would say. I know Saturday was April Fools Day, and I have not seen any posts about this on the Forum or on Facebook, so, was anybody present who could tell me what happened.


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    I'd hate to be that parachute
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    Watching Bouncer come down in a 'chute would be a sight worth paying to see.... When he got his first boat to run as a captain (way back in 1973...) I was lucky enough to be his replacement as a new mate... Can't say enough good things about him.
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    Nothing happened, it was an April fools joke.
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