Next set up and a bad *** bite

so im in love with my curado, its so much nicer to get stuff through the grass with it and 40lb power pro then the 4k stradic i was using. So im looking for outside opinions here i have a curado 201 6.2:1 and a 7ft mh carbonlite rod. what should be my next set up? Maybe something alittle more specialized, I'd like to stick with shimano even if its another curado (i am partial to the tranx). Maybe something with flouro instead of braid idk.
Also so throwing a chartruese chatterbait with a basspro flippin craw as a trailer i wasnt getting any hits on a weed line, i try to rip it through the grass to go ahead and cast again and it comes loose hits the middle of the weed line and gets absolutly destroyed!! I ended up pulling a decent size fish in water i thought was a few inches deep! I ended up pulling out like 10 fish on a jerkbait, chatterbait, poppin frog and a spinnerbait. All in like 2 hours. sorry for the bad quality of the pic


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    :beer Good couple of hours!
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    Something with a 7.1 or better retrieve and a heavy action fast tip. Will cover most baits and will rip baits (like the chatterbait) out of grass to get those reaction bites.
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